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Radio Shows:

  1.  http://www.speakuptalkradio.com/linda-naomi-katz/
  2. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/help4men/2013/05/22/mental-illness-by-linda-baron-katz
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  10. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rustie/2012/09/12/living-thriving
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  3. https://missusbspicturebookreviews.blogspot.com/2016/05/peter-lisa-mental-illness-childrens.html
  4. http://readingglutton.blogspot.com/2015/01/peter-lisa-by-charles-katz-and-linda.html


 A Must Read for All… October 23, 2016
Linda Naomi Katz’s book, Surviving Mental Illness, is a must read for all. Not just to educate ourselves on mental illnesses or to make ourselves more aware of what it’s like for those suffering from them, but to put ourselves inside their shoes. As a college student I took course in sociology. They all mentioned a term called stigma. That is a term for the labels that a society forces upon a person of group of people. It’s not a good thing. In fact, we all should steal clear of stigmas. But we’re humans and we fall into society’s trap. Until we’re the ones suffering from it. I fell in love with the writer’s book for many reasons. One it talked about the stigma issues on those with mental illnesses. Second, it led through Linda Naomi Katz’s journey as she battled her own mental illness. Her life journey was both inspiring and educational. I want to hug the writer. She went through a lot and worked hard to get to where she is. The ending doesn’t just end with the book. Both her and her husband work in discussing and teaching others about mental illnesses. I was surprised that these two amazing people didn’t let life get to them. Instead they both embraced it and with determination succeeded. I recently was forced to watch a TED speaker for a recent class of mine. It was about failure. Failure was defined as giving up instead of pursuing our goals or dreams. It talked about grit. Grit being the passion to continue in life when all seems hopeless. If we have grit like Linda Naomi Katz did, then we are successful no matter what. This book reinforced that TED talk. I truly believe and felt that this book, Surviving Mental Illness has what it takes to make a difference in this world. Whether it’s to bring an awareness, to stop the stigma against those with mental illnesses or to educate us what it’s all about…the book’s contents will stay with me forever. I found it very inspiring and plan to share this with as many people as possible. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers everywhere.
 “Surviving Mental Illness…” does an excellent job describing the transition of these challenges into solutions… January 23, 2016
Linda Naomi Katz brings the reader into a reality where lines of perception are blurred—between sanity and insanity. There’s always the hard to define tipping point, for those who concede to needing help with various disorders. “Surviving Mental Illness: My Story” does an excellent job describing the transition of these challenges into coherent situations with a solution. This is done in memoir style, while also providing a great many resources for those who might be seeking them. Also very fascinating, is the look into Jewish culture and how its norms may actually help those seeking comfort. Lastly, with most of her regrets born truthfully, I’m assured that the God of all comfort will impart the grace she needs. This book would be useful for those trying to discern mental illness challenges, if new to the foray.
 A Must Read for All… October 23, 2016
Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children’s Story is a beautifully illustrated book that goes along with the story inside perfectly. Charles Katz and Lind Baron Katz both have created a book suited for children that shows what a mental illness is like and how to get help. They also show children that those with a mental illness are normal people too. They they can live a happy life just like those without a mental illness. The story also, shows that the people don’t always know that they have a mental illness. That can cause them an unhappy life. Until someone they know sees it, and helps them get help, they may go untreated and can get worse. However, this tale shows that help is around the corner and that positive things can happen to those dealing with mental illness. Marriage and having a family can be in the future for those with this issues. Both writers showed the realistic outcomes if not treated and treated. I liked that. It gives hope and inspiration to those who are struggling with these issues. Overall, I recommend this children’s book to all readers. It’s the perfect guide to educating others on mental illnesses.
 An Important Book for All Children to Read October 20, 2015
When someone is diagnosed with a mental illness, it doesn’t just affect him/her; it creates a ripple effect that can devastate everyone in their lives. Friends and family try everything, only to find that they cannot “fix” the situation. In fact, they can make things worse for the person trying to get well. However, with time and the right help, they can learn the best ways to show their loved one support. For children, this struggle is particularly difficult. Always at the mercy of the adults in their lives, they have no idea how to handle it when one of those adults begins exhibiting symptoms of mental illness.
That’s why this book is so powerful. Its characters are like friends, reaching out to let children know that although the person they love may not be acting themselves, they are still there. Just as important, it is something children and parents can read together, reminding them both that their bond can survive mental illness, and perhaps even become stronger.
There are children’s books covering every topic from potty training to dancing, but there are very few teaching them about the many challenges of dealing with mental illness. With this powerful story, Charles Katz and Linda Baron-Katz have fulfilled their promise to educate the community, and let them know there is hope.

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