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Surviving Mental Illness, My Story is a memoir of my heartbreaks and challenges that I faced and overcame with having a mental illness like bipolar disorder.  It helps break through the fear and stigma of mental illness and focuses on how to find health and happiness.  Through sharing my story, I show that help is out there, and with a little faith, recovery is possible.

In the first chapter of this book, it also offers help, hope, and inspiration to others struggling with psychological disorders.  It provides information about mental illness in general and mood disorders.  There are also valuable tips about treatment and medications as well as resources and organizations dedicated to helping those suffering from these disorders.

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Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children’s Story is about two people affected by depression and mania.  This sweet, straightforward book helps children understand these conditions and lets them know that with the proper medication and support by family and friends, people can get better!

Whether the child is mentally ill or interacting with someone who is, Peter and Lisa is a helpful read for young people who simply need to know more about mental illness.  Authors Charles and Linda Baron Katz (husband and wife) offer simple, insightful education on the subject and a powerful message of hope in one neat package.  Their book manifests the true essence of love and support to aid us overcome every storm that may pass.

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